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Go to New Heights for Your Cattle Roundups

At SMITH HELICOPTERS INC. of Cotulla, we offer experienced aerial cattle roundups throughout South Texas. We make it easy to round up your cattle regardless of the size of your ranch because we do it from the air. Our helicopter crew makes sure that all of your cattle is accounted for.

Gather Your Cattle in Less Time

Depend on us to help reduce the amount of time you spend on cattle wrangling. Our helicopters give us the capability to cover an extensive amount of acreage very quickly. We can round up your cattle and move them into pens in only a few hours instead of the days it takes on horseback. You'll be amazed at how much time you save!

Trust the Trained Professionals

Not just anyone can hop in a helicopter and provide quality roundup services. Our professionally trained pilots have been flying for over 35 years, so they offer the efficiency and safety you want.